Wednesday, 30 September 2015

why i walk

Hey, how are you doing?
I'm really sorry i  haven't blogged  in  aaaages but i have been super busy, however  i am trying to get back into this and posting more regularly. So recently i  have   been doing lots   of waling in the evenings  and this  is why.

I have   been  doing this as a distress and to  get  away from everything like  family  and internet. It is such a nice time too have   some time alone and  just  think  about things. I have been doing this with my  music blasting out of  my  head phones, especially 'We don't have  to take  our  clothes off'  by Ella  Eyre.

The  other reason is an  obvious  one  because it is a great way to get a bit of gentle exercise after a long day of school  or work or whatever yo have. And by having a  bit of  exercise it makes you sleep better.

Not forgetting it is a great way to get some sunset snaps. I really hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing day, byeeeee.