Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Autumn/ winter Coats

An essential to the Autumn winter time is coats. Of course you need coats all year round but this time of year you can  style  them  out. It is getting colder and you will have to wear coats every single day you need to have one you like an is super stylish.

I am really loving big thick coats at the moment so here is the first type I would recommend. I love that it has fur on it and the  musky brown  and bright white contrast really well.  It is a bit pricey the one from Topshop but if you are willing to spend the money I am sure it is totally worth it. The second ne on here is cheaper only £89 but I love it just as much  as the first if not more! I like that it has a bit more shape to it and the fluff on the coughs are so cute. I would prefer it if it was brown but black goes with anything  so that's always good. You can  get this from House of  Fraiser, but it is actually miss Selfridge.

If you don't like the fur sort of look, then there are other really pretty coats you can get. Such as pastel coloured coats. They aren't just for sring and summer  time, you can make pastels work all year round. They particularly look nice on pale people which is handy because you loose your tan at this time of year. It is sad when you lose your tan but now there  is at least one up side to it. The two that I have found are both not too expensive the first one is from next and cost £70 and the second one is from River Island and costs £90 so both pretty good deal.

A great jacket like that is bold and doesn't need other big bits of clothing but it does help to accessories. I would wear a really cute shoe/ boot. Here are some that I found and would recommend. The first one is a high heel from Topshop £150 a little expensive but I think they are gorgeous. Secondly, these are another option if you don't like heels that much or if you are on a budget. They are only £38 from River Island and the darker colour is £60.

I will be  doing a look book soon and will be using a big coat  in that but it isn't one on here and I will say where I got it from and how much it costs. It will show what I like to wear  with them also. You might be able to tell there is a bit of a theme going on in the  places to get them from. They aren't the only place you can get the products from just some of my favourite shops and ones I have read about in magazines. Hope I helped! 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Collars this season

This season I  have and will be for a long time loving collars. Collars on dresses, playsuits, anything and everything! Ok so I sound like a bit of a mad woman but I just haven't been able to rave about collars. And I know it is not just me that is loving them... Firstly Zoella or Zoe Sugg is a massive collar lover and is always wearing them but this is just one example. In the picture I  made below there is Zoe wearing the dress and the Model. It is from Boohoo.com for only £5, bargain. And is just a really cute simple dress you can also get it on other colours I believe such as black.

A great place to get some lovely collard things from is misguided.com. You can get some super cute playsuits from there that aren't too pricey either. They range from about £24.99 - £29.99 Which if you ask me is totally worth the money. The two below are just two I picked out they aren't  the only ones there are so  many on the website, different types and styles.
Also another amazing place to look is Boohoo.com. Because I had a look at some of their    dresses and they are fab. And  as a bonus almost everything on there right now is reduced and I do love my self a bargain. It is from about £5 to £8 up to about £20 so go check that out.


Monday, 22 September 2014

New favourite candles

If you know me then you will know that I am obsessed with  candles scented ones especially. And  I am constantly on the search for more new exiting scented candles different candles and brands. I have already done a post on  candles and which ones I like but this is just  a new  updated version. Because I love them that much!

I have found  an amazing place to get them from if you live in the UK, and  that is TKmax. A bit of a surprise I know but you can get expensive brands from there for cheep prices. Another place is Dunelm  mill again sorry if  you don't have this shop where  you live but you can  get a decent size vanilla candle from there  for £0.99 and they are definitely the best  cheep candles I have used. So I recommend them if you are on a bit of a budget or just love a bargain like me!

My new number one all time favourite candle is now the Belgium waffle! It has the most delicious smell  it just makes me want to eat it  all up. it is a nice large size and cost £5.99 from  TKmax. JUST WOW! no more words needed. My second favourite a close runner but not quite as good is the Yankee candle in Vanilla Cupcake! That too makes me want too eat it and that cost the same from TKmax. I think usually they cost a little more than that but not much.

You may think why do people pay  so much for a candle but they  are so  nice! and the cheep ones just don't match up to the standard of these. the smell doesn't burn when the candle burns. Meaning they only smell at the start then the smell kind of just disappears. Please  leave a let me know of any that you like or anywhere that does them very cheaply! Ta ta for now:)

Revlon colour burst lipglosses

The Revlon colour burst lip glosses aren't just any old lip glosses they are amazing! Firstly you can get them I a load of different colours My personal favourite  is sunset peach, a beautiful name for a beautiful colour. It is perfect for pale people but would also suit other skin tones. It has a golden shimmer to it which is just irresistible .

Secondly, they are quite moisturizing  and not sticky at all. a very smooth texture. I wouldn't say the y lasted   all day but they  do  last a pretty  long time. Which is lucky for me because it really annoys me having to reapply it over and over again. You can create  a really  natural look for it or a more  snazzy look! I'm   not sur on the actual price but it is drugstore so I would not imagine too much. however, I got mine from beauty clearance in Cardiff for £1.99 WHAT A BARGAIN!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


This post is really important to me. I just dwell that I have to share it with anyone and everyone cause I don't want people to ever feel the way I feel. Firstly just say yes. Saying yes to opportunities is the first step. If you don't say yes then you won't know what would have happened if you did say yes. You would be constantly saying what if and regretting it. I recently got asked to try out for county netball and my first thought was no way I would never get in I'm rubbish and everyone will look at me. But I said yes and herei am 2 try outs and 400 people later im in county and I'm loving it. I now have netball 6 times a week and although it is extremely exhausting I have never felt better. 

Anyway that is just an example of saying yes. That might sound like nothing to some people but I am not an extremely out going person. I also suffer from panic attacks and get very nervous before big things or just the little things but saying yes to stuff has made my life amazing. As people say #yolo meaning you only live once. And don't worry what other people think of you because you can never please everyone!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Feeling sick in style

When your sick or ill you think it's horrible but it doesn't have to be. These are just a couple of tips to feel sick in style. First things first I'm the realist, nope no I'm not. First things first you need to be snuggled up in bed all cosy and comfy. Then you need a laptop/phone so you can watch movies or YouTube or just distract yourself. You can be stuck in bed a long time so a book or magazine helps to pass the time.

Now food, when you I'll you don't want to eat much but sometimes a hot drink like hot chocolate makes you feel a bit better. Also putting some lemsip in hot water helps your throat. 

Put a few candles on to make you feel relaxed and happy. Then paint your nails like you are in a mini salon because you don't want to put make up on when your ill. But you still want to feel gorgeous.

Thank you for reading, i hope to see you soon!


I love candles! They are so amazing that everyone needs to share my love of candles. They are calming soothing and they make everyone happy :). Now it's getting to autumn winter there are new festive scents that are warming and smell gorgeous. One scent that I have now is Apple blossom and lotus not one I would usually go for but it's lush. Some good brands for candles are the body shop or Yankee. I always light a candle or two before I go to bed and it's just perfect.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Autumn outfit

This is a little Autumn outfit that I have been meaning to post for ages. It has autumninal colours and patterns that i can't wait too wear during autumn time. As i don't wear this sort of thing throughout summer, but i cant still show off my summer tan on the legs (well whats left of it).

Checked dress from Newlook in the sale so not too sure of the price but I think it was around £8, shoes from Newlook £25, socks from river island  3 for £8. A really cheep little outfit. Loving the dark lips this autumn/winter.

Thank you for reading my post and i hope your day goes well.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Rimmel Kate Moss

My favourite mascara is the Rimmel Kate Moss mascara even though it isn't the cheapest I love it! It gives my lashes so much length and defenition! It is drugstore so not too expensive but still a little pricey. But totally worth every penny. The brush is a really nice shape it is in a curve so it is an easy to apply product i'm  not sure but something about the shape of the brush help shape your lashes. Sounds pretty good to me.

Also I love the Kate Moss lipstick range they are so nice my favourite Autum one at the moment is 107, also Zoella from YouTube loves it that's where I heard about it. For autum time i am also loving colour 166 which is a deep red. They are just so smooth and lovely on your lips, top ratings to them!💄