Monday, 30 March 2015

Fresh faced spring makeup

As you can see by the title this is a spring makeup look because Winter has now ended therefore it is time to warm up and I have had enough of the cold and rain so I say bring on the spring!

In my opinion spring has the most natural looking makeup and so I stuck to that theme, I kept the eyebrows looking realistic and a bit lighter than I  had been previously been doing them in the winter time. For this I used a brow mascara by Rimmel in dark blonde.

Sticking with the natural  theme again the eyeliner I used was the Rimmel Scandle eyes but in blue rather than black because it looks less harsh on your eyes. Also the mascara I used was one I am loving at the moment thanks to my mum, its the Mac 'false lashes extreme  black'. (Pulling a weird face there Jodie).

The eye shadow I used is from a brand that I do not often look into very deep and that is number 7. It is in a shade called tender which is a gorgeous name that really suits it. It looks really cool kind of like a baked shadow and my stupid camera doesn't show how nice it actually looks. A floral  pink with a goddess golden shimmer much like the blush.

At this time of year is the time where I wear blushes most and so I thought this  one was great because it is a sutle pink with a gold shimmer, a little different to the other blushes I own. I actually have had  this ages but forgot about it (don't you just love it when that happens).

Lips wise I used the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 101  because it is a really pretty light pink shade perfect for spring. However if  you are not as much of a lipstick person or you just prefer gloss then the Tanya Burr lip gloss in the shade 'Afternoon tea' is lovely rich yet weightless product.

To  complete the look I put my hair just in a bun and added this cute scrunchy from Newlook for  £2.99. It is sweet and gets all the hair out of your face.

Than  you for reading my post, hope to see you soon.

Outffit of the day (dupe edition)

Todays post is  an outfit one because I haven't  done a fashion post in ages. And thought as I am going into town today I would show you what I am wearing. These are all things that look like expensive items or something you have seen in a shop but couldn't afford.

 Ok so when I was taking these pics I did get a bit carried away not going lie the one at the end I am not to sure what I am doing but lets just forget about that.

The jeans are plain black and actually from Asda because I was trying to find a dupe for the Topshop ones and these are amazing and wee only about £10 or £12 way cheaper than Topshop as they are around  £40.

The top is from Newlook and is a simple white crop top with a slightly high neck and a hold thing going on at the bottom. It cost £7.99 a perfect thing for the spring summer time as it is getting warmer. Way less than the Topshop ones but looks the same.

The jacket is actually from a charity shop for about £5 really super cheap and looks good with so many outfits  I can just chuck it on top of anything. I have recently fallen in love with vintage and charity shops because they have stuff you wouldn't always see in high street shops, something a little different maybe.

The shoes I saw in Topshop and wanted to get for sooo long, but when I stepped into Primark a while back I stumbled across these and they looked the exact same so u thought why not. Now people ask me  if I got them from Topshop I just nod, shhh they will never know if you don't tell them.

My rings I think I got in the Newlook sale along with a load of others in the pack for £2 a great deal that looks more expensive than it is.

Finally, my necklace was given to me by my Grampy and that actually was expensive, but it just goes really well with the rest of the outfit so that is why I included it.

Thank you for reading my post hope it helped you out, see you soon.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Mini makeup haul

The other day I was having a lazy day and decided to go and treat myself and have a little shop, do a little retail therapy and these are the makupey sort f things I bought.

So firstly I went to boots and I have always wanted a Maybelline 'Colour Tattoo', for literally ages and I always use my friends but I have finally got one. I is in the shade on and on bronze because that is the hade that everyone seems to love. I was going to get the shade pink gold but they didn't have in store. That was £4.99.

Next something quite new and when we saw it my friend Emily (everything Emily) ended up dropping it as per usual. It is by seventeen it is a blush called 'cheek stamp' and as soon as I saw it I was fascinated because it isn't normal you have to twist it and there is a pump sort of thing. Very hard to explain but you need to check it out. The one I got was a natural looking shade with a pretty shimmer called ' stare struck' but I loved the other names like 'the cheek of it' and it was only £5.

Thirdly was an eye shadow pallet from  collection for an amazing price of  £2.99 it is simple and has a light matt a dark matt and the rest of the colours are shimmers I will try that out and let you know the results but I have high hopes for this.

After hand I went to TK Max just to see if they had any decent  deals... they did. I am not too sure if this really counts in the haul scene as I got this for someone else but I am still going to include it. It is a three pack of Rimmel 'show off' lip lacquers in shades 'nova', 'solstice' and 'stargazer'. The original price for this was £19.47 and it was reduced down to £4.99, too good to resist.

From Super drug a grabbed  myself a baby lips intense care, this was due to me using up all of my peach one and my cherry one is a bit bright for school day so I wanted to try a new one. I think it was £2.99 like all the other baby lips and works a treat.

Thanks for reading my mini make up haul today. Hope you enjoyed it see you soon.