Sunday, 28 June 2015

George Ezra Concert (best night of my life)

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I can't put into words how AMAZING this was, but scene as this is a blog post i am going to have to. I am talking about George Ezra in concert! If you do not kknow who he is then have you been living under a rock? because he is so big at the moment especially in the UK. And i can really see why.

It isn't just the fact that i saw him performing live that excited me it was center stage, front row! Can it get any better? Yes, yes it can because i was with some of my best friends singing having a fun time (as you do at concerts). Next thing  i knew he was looking at me so i smiled and guess what, he smiled at my smile! I completely fan girled, even my friend standing next to me saw it so it must have been true (not just my imagination).

When on stage he told us a little story, he said he came down to cornwall (where i live) on holiday and was in a little local pub in which a band called Me and the evil were playing. Not a big band in the slightest, just a group of old men (not meaning to offend them but that is what they were). They played really nice original and covers of blues songs, George really liked them so he asked them to be his support act. I thought that was really sweet and humble of him. Surprisingly i really liked them.

George Ezra is an amazing performer and i really recommend you go see him if you ever get a chance! If you have never heard of him or any of his songs then again where have you been? and i will link some below.  It might not sound like your type of music to begin with but listen to the whole sing and more than one because they are all very different in my opinion.

Budapest -  (my fave upbeat)
Over the creek -  (my fave slow)

(You can see him looking at me in this video!)
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