About me

Heya gorgeous!
My name is Jodie nightingale, I am currently in my teens.
I have one sister who is 17 and not interested in what I am in the slightest but I still love her. We live with our mum and dad in rainy old Cornwall and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

One of my main passions is beauty and that is what my blog will be mainly about. Mostly makeup, hair, skin care and fashion along with some other things. If you like that sort of thing too then I am sure that we will get on very well. I will also pop in   a couple of random ones about how I feel and I hope you can relate. Also feel free to leave a comment on any post about what you thought r just have a chat i promise to reply!

Social media that you might like to see more of me on:
Instagram- _jodie.nightongale
Pinterest-  jnightingal0175
Twitter- jodie_leaf
Snapchat - jodie_night

 This is me and what I look like. I am average height with blue eyes and quite long hair. My hair is essentially ginger but it often decides  it  can't make it's mind up so like to change around. I am not the most tanned iv got to be honest and I am quite  freckly but beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself...