Saturday, 12 March 2016

snip snip

Hey there gorgeous!
Hope you are having a fab day, recently i got my done and i bloody love it.

I got it balayaged which is kind of when it fades into a  lighter colour. So for me it went from light ish ginger to lighter ginger/ blonde. As you can tell it is hard to explain so  i will let the pictures speak for me...

Before  hand it was way too long, spindly and super uneven.  That might be because one day i  got bored and decided to cut it myself, it wasn't one of my best ideas (don't try this at home kids).

Its super natural and a little change like this can make the biggest difference. If you are thinking about getting your hair done in a curtain way i would say  just go for it because at the end of the day it is only hair and it will grow back.

I hope you enjoyed today's little post and i  will see you very soon but in the mean time why not check out my Youtube channel?

Byeeee x