Sunday, 7 June 2015

Royal Cornwall Show

Hey hope your having a good day!
So the other day i went to the royal Cornwall show with show friends which is a huge fair with loads of stalls and is a lot of fun. I took a load of pictures and thought i would share them with you.

Firstly we headed over to the fun fair, kind of like the traditional on with rides and games that you win prizes that sort of thing.

This is up on the Ferris wheel, it was such a squash that I wasn't even sitting on the seat just sitting on both their laps. 

This was on hook a duck, Emily won a little stress thing that she called Barry and i won a little teddy called Bernard.
There's nothing like a picture with a big  fluffy bear. That cheeky  bear decided to hit us strait in the face, what a lovely guy.

Then we gave the sheep a little visit, whenever we walked past they would try and eat our bags. Greedy guts.

It tried eating me! A little too close for comfort.

This little piggy got a bit confused me thinks. 
Just the same as last year we set our self the challenge of taking a selfie with a cow. We did it again even though everyone around thought we were completely mad. 

Some people think face paints are for kids, but in my opinion your never too old ;)

We got super cute pace paints done, mine is sort of festival style and Emily's was a dinasour that when she talks it looks like it talks too. 

Not forgetting about food, we got some lovely cheesy chips to share. 

The amount of freebies and stickers we got is insane! Even a pair of sunglasses, that sort of thing pleases me immensely!

Lastly there was this weird thing that is so hard to explain but you are basically attached to bungees that pull you back when you try and run forward it is hilarious. The picture above just shows the ditermination in Emily's face and char falling on the floor with laughter in the back ground.

Thankyou so much for reading my post it was a little random, not what I usually but I hope you still enjoyed it just the same. See you soon good bye!