Saturday, 12 March 2016

snip snip

Hey there gorgeous!
Hope you are having a fab day, recently i got my done and i bloody love it.

I got it balayaged which is kind of when it fades into a  lighter colour. So for me it went from light ish ginger to lighter ginger/ blonde. As you can tell it is hard to explain so  i will let the pictures speak for me...

Before  hand it was way too long, spindly and super uneven.  That might be because one day i  got bored and decided to cut it myself, it wasn't one of my best ideas (don't try this at home kids).

Its super natural and a little change like this can make the biggest difference. If you are thinking about getting your hair done in a curtain way i would say  just go for it because at the end of the day it is only hair and it will grow back.

I hope you enjoyed today's little post and i  will see you very soon but in the mean time why not check out my Youtube channel?

Byeeee x

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Don't give a damn!

Hey there lovely, hope you are  doing well!
As you can probably see by the quite obvious title, today's post is all abut not giving a crap and it is as simple as  that.

I have  learnt over my 15 years (that's not very long but lets just roll with it) that curtain people are irrelevant in your life and that their opinions of you mean absolutely nothing.  In fact in a couple of years time you will probably leave them for good, never see them again and forget all about them. So don't let their  cloud rain on you now.

Ifit is something  that makes you happy then go for it YOLO (i  know yolo died back  in 2013 but hay ho).  If you want to wear blue lipstick then girl rock that  blue lip like your life depends on it. And if you want to go out in your pj's then  i don't blame you, hell i will join  you!

If  they want to go talking smack about your sheep onsie then you're not even going to bother listening you just strut past not giving a damn. Because no one can stop you from doing what makes you happy (apart from  maybe teachers because they are complete buzz kills but outside of school, girl you are  free and you better spread those  wings).

In summary what i am trying to say is you will be so much happier and have such a better life if now and again you just simply didn't care so much about  what other people thought of you or what others might think. I  hope my post helped you out in someway, and i will  see you soon. 
 Gooood bye!