Monday, 24 November 2014

Benefit purchases

So the other day I had an  appointment at benefit to get my make up done. This always really excites me because I find it really relaxing when other people do my makeup plus it looks stunning, and I learn a lot more about the products they're using on me. I had a lovely lady called Jenna do my make up who actually was the same person who did it last time and she talked me through everything she was using. But in the end it was hard to choose what things to buy as I loved so many of the products.
The first thing I bought was actually one I had been looking at in their magazine and I couldn't decide which one. That is one of their Benefit house gift packs. There are three called 'sugarglam fairies', 'beauty bonbons' and 'complexion confections'. There  are also many other great gift sets for Christmas but theses stood out and just looked the best for me (it really does look so gorgeous).
 I  bought the first one which consists of:
They're real mascara,
Hoola bronzer,
the porefessionals
and a mini benetint.
All full size apart from the last one. This kit was 44.50 which sounds like a lot of money but considering some of the products on their own are around 20, its not bad. The others cost different amounts because they had different things inside.
The  other thing I bought was the big beautiful eyes kit. It has 3 shadows and a 'boi-ing' concealer in. The first colour is a baby pink silky, the second is a  slightly pink toned creamy brown and the last one is a dark more mate colour. They also say base shadow, contour shadow and liner shadow above them. It comes with two  brushes one for the concealer and the other has two ends a flat end and a normal one. I really like the packaging of this its really cute and a little manual to show different ways of how to use the product. It was 25.50, expensive I know but lets just think how pretty it will look on. There we go all sorted, price forgotten.
Additionally they had an offer on that if you bought two or more products you would get a free mini they're real push up liner. So that's an upside to spending lots of money.  in total it did cost 70.00 but luckily a I had a 35.00 gift  voucher from my birthday so that halved the cost and I only had to pay 35.00. S that is what I got from benefit and I am sure I will be doing a look with these soon enough. I'm not saying you should go out and spend this much money if your not into makeup this much but this is just what I would recommend. Once again thankyou for reading!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Zoella beauty purchase and review

Ok so I know I am a little  biased when it comes to the Zoella range as I love Zoella But this is an honest opinion of all the products that I have purchased and  I purchased them because they are my favourite things in the her collection.

The first one I bought is the Fizz Bar. It is Zoe's favourite and one of the most  popular ones. It is £5 and you get so many uses out  of it because it is in little cubes and you can use one or multiple chunks at a time.  The smell is really refreshing and slightly sweet. Every thing in the range has the same scent.

The second thing I got is not a surprise if you know me at all. It is the Let's Glow  candle. With the same pretty smell as the others. It isn't too strong or over whelming it is just right. So if your not a big fan of scented candles (I have know idea how)  then  you will like this. It comes in a cute little tin and only costs £5.

The third and final thing I bought was the makeup bag. There was two different ones to choose from, one pink with dots and a Guiney pig on just like Pippin and Percy (her own Guiney pigs)  the other one is blue with dots and the black picture of her eyes from her blog picture. I got  the blue one purely because I love that colour and I want her eyes so badly.  One the other hand I do really like the other one and think its very cute. It is really big and perfect  for traveling. At only £8 it is totally worth it.

You can get these at  Superdrug in store or online  or on They ship worldwide so if you don't have a superdrug near  you then I would check out  feel unique.  Thankyou for reading have a nice day!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Halloween 2014

This Halloween I went as a sort of freaky zombie doll thingy? I'm not to sure but it looked cool and I thought I would show you what I did and how I did it.

I started  off just putting on  my foundation and concealer  as I would usually do with any  makeup look. It just gives a good base to work on. Then for the cheeks zombies don't have coloured cheeks so you don't need any blusher. However, I did put  highlighter on the tops of my cheek bones and you can either use bronzer or I used eyeliner and smudged it out. Dark eyebrows give a good effect.

Then the eyes my favourite part of the look because you can really change them to how you like and even make it an  everyday look. Firstly I got white sparkly shadow and put it on my brow bone and on the inner corner of my eye. then I  put black on my lid and blended it out and just kept applying more until you think you have enough. starting on the outer corner and working your way in. I also added some purple in the crease. then finished off  with some winged liner for  sleekness and LOADS of mascara!

Then to bring the whole look together I put on some deep red lipstick or you could use berry toned that would also look nice. I  then used a black eye liner pencil (I know sounds weird but just bear with) I lined my lips with it just like a normal lip liner. Then you can either leave it like that or blend it in with the lipstick.

This bit is optional but if you would like to make it more freaky and more halloweeny then I added a lightning strike cut coming out of my eye. And how I did it was simple. I used a lip dark lip laqure  then used  black  eye  shadow in the middle of it too make it darker and more realistic. You could also  try this effect anywhere on your face that you would like a cut.

Products I used:
Rimmel kate Moss lipstick 107
Claire's makeup set assortment maquillage
miss sporty brown brow pencil
Rimmel Wake me up foundation
YSL  Radient touch
Realtechniques brushes
Maybeliene Go  extreme mascara
Collection Black liquid eyeliner

This is what te finished look looks like. I was going to post this  a while ago but when I first typed it all  out my laptop crashed and I lost it all  so sorry about that. Let me know if you like it! Thanks for reading and I will see you soon  :)