Monday, 22 February 2016

Raise boys and girls the same!

Heyy guys, how are you all doing on this fine day!

I just thought I would talk about an important issue that I think people don't talk about enough because they are too busy talking about how much bigger Kim Kardashion's bum can get.

We need to teach our girls:

There is more to life than finding your prince because princes live in castles and castles freak me out.

They can do whatever sport they want, if it makes them happy who cares what others say.

Boys aren't dumb.

No one can lay a hand on them without their permission.

To not let anyone tell them to cover up or stop down.

We need to teach our boys: 

It's okay to cry and good to express your emotions.

Girls are not sissies. 

They can like flowers, fashion and fluffy things.

Women and girls are people not objects.

Health is important acting 'hard' isn't. 

We need to teach both: 

You can say no.

Respect no.

Violence is never okay.

There is no seeker sex.

Everyone has a voice so let  it be heard!

It is okay to like whoever you want, it doesn't change you as a person and it shouldn't define you.

Thank you  so much for reading my post i know it is a bit of a boring  one but   it is a subject that needs to be spoken about more. I hope you are doing amazingly and i will see you soon!

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Hiya lovely!
Recently i have been thinking about this a lot and what the difference is between being honest and being well a complete dick.  

For example if someone asks you  if they look nice in something and you thought they didn't then you  would say 'i think the other one hugs your curves better'  or  something a long those lines. However  some people say other things like 'no that makes you look fat' or horrible things like that  and say that they are just being 'honest'.  EXCUSE ME! There is a fine line between giving your honest opinion and being a down right bitch. Know the difference! 

Comments like that can hurt peoples feelings and lower their  self esteem.  So don't  be an idiot, we are all about peace and love in this world there  is no need for it. If you feel  the need to put others  down in order to feel better  then you have a problem. A problem that  won't be solved by carrying on doing what you are doing.

So be a good person aim  to give a compliment a day. Because we have all been in that situation where a complete stranger has walked past and you have gone DAMN her outfit is on point! But what if you told her that? Just imagine if someone came up to you and said that to you it would make, your, day! So why not do the same for someone else,  share a little sunshine why not?

I have completely  gone on a rant and forgotten what i was on about  but basically, being honest is great but don't take advantage of that and be an ass and be a nicer person now and again. What have you got to lose? I hope you  have a fab week and make at least one person smile (and i know it sounds cheesy af but you can't knock it till you try it). Byeeee.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

How to grow your makeup collection

 Heya gorgeous!
Sorry it's been a loooong time, but i'm back and i want to get back into the swing of things! Let me know if you like the new style of things and any  posts that you would like to see from me. I have  also started up my Youtuber channel once again and am giving that ago ( ). Again let me know  any videos that you would like to see from   me and that you would enjoy. On with the post...

I might  not have the biggest makeup  collection out there but it  is still  more than anyone would ever need in their whole life time. And i thought i would show you a couple of tips and tricks to get as much expensive but lovely makeup without breaking the bank (completely).

Go for all the deals like buy one get  one free they really make all the difference. Also   things like buying blush pallets instead of single  blushes may seem expensive at the time but really you get so much more  for  your money. I mean who doesn't love  a good bargain?

If loads  of people say that it's good it usually means that it's good.

What would you  rather have a a load of things that are rubbish, you will never use and a waist of money or things that you love. I  know what i would  rather choose!

Thank you  so much for reading this little post i hope it helped you out in some way. I hope you have an amazing day you deserve it!