Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I have a couple of inspirations and I  thought I would share them.  They are not all the same sort, some are just people I wish/ aspire to be like.

Blake lively
The prettiest person alive! With a perfect face, body, life. She is an amazing actress and has made me cry with her acting skills many times before. Even after having a baby she looks stunning. Her and Ryan Reynolds are a match made in heaven and I would give anything to be her. If you don't know her go search her now and your jaw will drop.

My nan
She may not be much but to me she is everything. Not only did she do so  much for charity and others, children, babies and more.  She also was loved by everyone she met. She helped me so much   when I was growing up and i'm so thankful. I miss her but know she always stays with me in all she has taught me and everything else. R.I.P Nan Love you for now and forever.

Demi Lovato
Demi has made it from Disney into the world of music which isn't easy and she had a lot of abuse along the way. However she struggled through it and is an inspiration to me. She even has a tattoo on her wrists saying 'stay strong' which is really sweet  and another on her arm saying faith with birds flying out. Plus I would love to sing like her, I could listen to her all day.

My inspirations are just personal ones,  you probably have your own on people you want to be like. Let me know who is an idol for you and why. Thank you so much for reading, see you soon!

Friday, 23 January 2015

handbag essentials

There are a couple of things that I think everyone should have in their handbags at all times. Why?  You might ask. Just in case.

1. hand sanitizer
I use this if I am out and I have just grabbed a snack and my hands are sticky or if you accidently touch some bird poo or gum then  that sorts that out quickly. Its really cheep and you can get it from anywhere.

2. hand cream
Especially around winter time my hands get quite dry so it I perfect for that.

3. breath spray
Not sure if this is just me but someone having bad breath really puts me off so that is crucial.

4. hand wipes
If you don't have sanitizer or you could just use these instead.

5. tissues
Again around winter it's that time of year when everyone has colds or gets ill. If your not the one with sneezing then you could always lend them to those who are.

6. phone
My phone is the iPhone 5c and it is in green, with a blue and teal henna patterned case. It is my bestfriend and I wouldn't leave the house without it.

7. purse
Currently im storing my money in my light blue purse with rose gold details.  It is from Pimark therefore was only £5.

8. gum
As an alternative to the breath spray you could use gum, or if your like me then you use a mixture of both. I just like to chew on gum  whilst concentrating or thinking or doing anything really.

9. Lip solve
My lips easily get dry and chaped this is one of the most important things for me personally.

The bag I am currently using is from Topshop. It is a tan brown sort of colour and has darker brown around the buckles and handle. It has a long strap so you can wear it over your shoulder which sometimes I find comfier than one on your arm. I think it was £30 but if that one isn't your style they have a wide range of amazing bags there.

Thankyou for reading my post, see you soon!

Natural lips

This is a look I like to do on a day to day basis when I don't want to look too full  on or in school or just for any look  really. It looks natural but gives your lips that extra  bitt of something.

Firstly, before applying lipstick I always slap on some lip solve or more recently iv been using my Liz earl moisturiser. I get really bad dry lips and I find that my moisturiser is often the best thing for them.

The first lip product  is by soap and glory (a great brand) and it has a fab name 'sexy mother pucker' mine  is in the shade nudist a bit more of a browny toned nude. It feels very light and doesn't dry out your lips in the slightest.

The second  natural lip product I have mentioned lots before like in my 'what I got for christmas' and  'November & December favourites' posts. That is the mac patisserie lipstick in the luxe  collection. An  extremely expencive product but worth it if your looking for something high end that will really do you wonders.

Another mac lipstick that is  nude but not quittte as natural is in the  shade ' Luxe  natural' however it costs a little more because it is from their mineralize collection. Meaning it feels like heaven on your lips and smells divine. It is richer than the others and a lighter colour but still beautiful all the same.

I think many different make up looks go with nude lips including a  really simple one. On  the other hand you could really dress it up and go to town with the eyes whilst at the same time still accentuating your lips.

The final nude  lip product I have is more of a peachy nude and it is by Rimmel part of their apocolips collection. Of which I have 3 bright colours and  one nude. It isn't too pricey but is so glossy because it is a laqure. I would describe it best as a mix between a lipstick and lipgloss.

 To go along with the natural theme I thought I would throw in a natural nail varnish. It is from Barry M (my all time fave nail varnish brand) and it is called Lychee. I now that Tanya, Zoe and Gabby all  have this! (If you watch youtube you will know them if not just ignore what I just said). I think it will  look nice in the summer with a bit of a tan.

Thankyou for reading my post! see you soon.

Friday, 2 January 2015

November & December favourites 2014

Ok so I was going to do a December favourites then realized cause I was away and had spent all my money on Christmas presents I didn't make that many new discoveries this month so I thought I would do a combined November and December favouites.  Plus I love watching everyone elses on youtube!

So the first thing I have been loving in the past month is the Liz Earl 'skin repair moisturizer. When I went skiing my lips got extremely dry and chapped so much that they stung, and no lip products were working. Until my mum actually gave me that to put on it and a couple of days later they back to be as soft as usual.  It was a complete life saver! Never use lip solve without petroleum jelly (Vaseline), because it tricks your lips into  thinking they have moisture so it stops producing it therefore it is worse off that it stated. 

Something that I only discovered this month (I don't know how I  missed it) was the hunger games. My friend said "omg you haven't watched it, you have to" and I  wasn't really that fussed. But when I did watch it I was like THAT WAS AMAZING PUT ON THE SECOND ONE NOW! Seriously if you like action romance or any of that sort of thing you will love it. And probably everyone reading this has already watched it I am just very slow on the uptake.  Also there are ome  good looking characters in it, which I like a lot in a movie.

OK so my next favourite is a fashion favourite  and I have been wearing everyday for the last two months (I have washed them in between). That is my black high-wasted jeans. They are so good because they go with everything and they are so flattering and really compliment my figure. Because I have a small waist but a big bum that means that lots of thing just make  me look big and don't show my waist but these are perfect. However now that I have used them so much they have started too loose their colour.

Eyes wise I have ben using the benefit big beautiful eyes palette everyday and just changing up the different looks I do with it. It just has some really nice natural colours. I love the pink shimmery one all over my lid on a not very much makeup day. It was quite expensive but I love it.

concealer I am really into the collection lasting perfection, however I have the shade fair and  that is too light for me and  the shade after is too dark. So I mix it with the boing concealer by benefit (cause that is a little too dark)  and it makes the perfect mix  and it has really good staying power. An oldy but a goody. (I do not have a picture for  that right now as I have managed to misplace it, clever me).

Hair wise I have this problem that when I get out of the bath and my hair dries the ends go really frizzy. But I have used a product that I saw  on one of Gabby Lindely's videos. That is the Ultimate Blends 'The sleek perfector oil' it smells divine and makes my hair so smooth. You can apply it to wet hair dry or whenever, it also doubles up as a heat defense. It wasn't too much money either.

Another hair thing is a heat protector by Loreal called ever sleek. It is just great I really like the packaging and thing that it works great.

Lips wise (I don't know why I start everything  with that) I only got this for Christmas but  already love it to pieces. It is by Mac so yes not the most affordable  but scene as I didn't buy it myself I don't mind too much. It is called 'Patisserie' and I do not hear it talked about all that much but  I don't see why not. It is a nude but slightly more pink. It looks really natural and I put some white glittery shadow on the center of  my bottom lip it makes the look so much bigger.

The last thing is my phone case. I got a new one and it is so nice! I haven't really got much to say about it but I love and I think it is really different than other ones. I don't  know anyone else who has one like it.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon.