Tuesday, 21 April 2015

So much for saving haul

So I went  shopping and I did a bit of damage. However, it wasn't as bad as it looks because I went to a beauty outlet shop therefore everything was a lot cheaper. So that's always a bonus! If you would like to find out what I bought then carry on reading. 

Ok so starting with beauty, I got two things from the body shop, a vanilla body polish that smells like heaven and a mango hand cream that also smells lush. 

The next things I got are from Revlon, the photo ready blusher in flushed and the colour stay in 01 India. They are both very bright pink colours. 

In more of a nude pink colour I got the Revlon colour burst lipgloss in 04 sun backed and the bourjois eye pencil in 77 sand rose. I have never tried a bourjois eye pencil before so I am looking forward to that. 

L'oreal wise I got two lip sticks in cause 501 nude ingenue and 101 rose melody, I love the names they are so cute. 

Going away from the beauty stuff I got this 'candle holder' from IKEA for £1.40 and I am using it as a brush holder. I really like the pattern and thing it contrasts with my brush holder with the old music sheets.

Finally I got the alex nine draws! If you don't know what they are then you must be new to beauty because every beauty guru has this, and now I do too! I have wanted it for ages and it is just amazing perfect for storing makeup and really easy accessible. 

So thank you for reading my post, I hope to see you soon.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Glossip Girl

Its all about the gloss this spring. I am really into it at the moment and I thought I would share with you my favourites. These are very different consistencies, different colours and all from different brands.

Theses are them swatches on my hand. Going from left to right it's the
Tanya Burr in 'Afternoon tea',
 Body shop lip & cheek stain in 01,
Revlon colour burst in 'sunset peach',
Soap and Glory sexy mother pucker in the shade 'nudist'. 
First up  is the Tanya Burr lip gloss in  the  shade 'Afternoon tea'. I love all the little cute names of all of the range. Like nemo, first date etc... This is such a pretty pinky nude.
The Body shop lip and cheek stain is really good for on the go or for traveling. Because it is  essentially 2 in 1. And it really does stay for ages.

Revlon Colour burst lip gloss is just amazing. It looks stunning as it is the shade 'sunset peach' it really looks like what you would expected a sunset peach to look   like if that is a thing. it is peachy with a gorgeous shimmer glistening through it. This is by far my favourite one of them all. I also keep  this in my pencil case so that I can put it on during lessons (a little trick for you there, you're welcome).
Soap and glory sexy mother pucker gloss stick doesn't really count as a lip gloss but I love it so much and have been wearing it non stop so  I have to include it. It is so smooth and the colour is so natural a your lips but better kinda thing. Again one that I keep in my pencil case.

Thank you so much for reading I thought I found try a different way of photographing the products. Hope to see you soon!

Let's go to the beach

"Let’s go to the beach, each
Let’s go get a wave

They say, what they gonna say?
Have a drink, clink, found the Bud Light
Bad b****** like me, is hard to come by
The PatrĂ³n, own, let’s go get it on
The zone, own, yes I’m in the zone
Is it two, three, leave a good tip
I’ma blow all my money and don’t give two sh***"

Hello there sorry for that sudden burst into song but if you know me then it was expected. Also if you do not know this song then I am sorry but we cannot be friends. Only kidding the more the merrier! Anyway on with the post, today's is about summer and the beach. As seen in the picture above (oh look there I am). 

(That is actually one of my best friends Chanel who I made pose for this picture, many thanks). Another thing I like about beaches and living beet one is that you can stay there until sunset and watch it go down with your friends whilst having a cheeky little BBQ. 
Or you could use the beach to get some exercise in the form or running of just walking. (Personally I prefer the second option).

I have so many memories of the beach with friends and family. Like playing games all together such as beach ball or frisbee. There was one game that I played as a child with my sister in which we had to wobble the other person off the Kyak. The laughs were endless! This is me looking very cheesy as usual. 
Next is getting an underwater camera. I would highly recommend it because I have one and use it all the time to take funny underwater pictures also just take it too the beach with me so I don't worry about getting it wet. These are featering my friend blowing bubbles. 

The water may be freezing in Britain, so cold that you go a bit numb. But that's fine have a bit of fun and splash around like me and my friends did. We got soaked but we didn't care because we were having too much fun. 

I think what I am trying to say here is have a summer free of cares and just have fun. (Fun being the most over used word in this post). Thankyou for reading and I hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Night at the Theatre with 'Everything Emily'

Me and Emily From Everything Emily (go check  out her blog she is one of my best friends and does amazing posts http://everythingemily201.blogspot.co.uk/ ) went to the Theatre to watch Blood brothers the other night and I thought I would blog our makeup and outfit for a spring night out at the theatre. And also give a review on the show and say what we thought of it.

Makeup: scene as it was a night out I went a little darker than usual. And contoured more as well using my concealer and blending well. I also used the lightest colour which is a Champaigny colour from my  Benefit Beautiful eyes pallet as a highlight on my cheeks bones because it looks gorgeous  and shimmers lovely.

Outfit: My playsuit is from Topshop it is a pale peach sort of colour with the back split revealing black lace underneath. Also my jacket is from Dorothy Perkins, it is just a simple leather jacket great to chuck over things.

Blood Brothers: It was an amazing show and everyone in it had such stunning voices. At the start it was hilarious and we could stop laughing and as it got to the end of the play things got really serious and Emily cried at the end. It got so tense that at one point me and Emily held hands and it was  so tight they were shaking. When the gun shot happened it was so loud and unexpected that everyone in the theatre jumped. I really would recommend this play if you ever get the chance to see it.

Thank you for reading, hope to see you soon. 

Black and Burgundy

Hello gorgeous, I hope you day is going well! 
Today is a fashion post just an outfit with a lot of burgundy and black in that I think look so cool. Words just cannot explain how much I love them. But this is a blog so I am going to have to try.

Ok do the burgundy shirt is from a vintage shop for £5 super cheap and you can either wear it as a dress or a short or leave it open and have it as a jacket sort of thing. It's so warm and comfy, love it.

The shoes are from Matalan for about £20 they are very high but I love the way they look. Black and sleek. 

The tights are so thick they could be leggings and they are by autograph but I'm not sure of the price. 

I kind of went a bit mad on the photos here but they are my favourite part of reading people blogs, seeing the pictures.

Thank you for reading this really random look today. It was mostly a chance to take a load of pictures and pose. Hope you enjoyed, see you soon. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Spring/ Summer essentials

Hey there, hope your day is going well. 
Todays post is about stepping into a new part of the year and being prepared. This is actually my favourite because I live near a beach so I walk down to it with my friends and go for a swim or just sun bathe. I have so many  incredible memories or summer that I love to look back on. Also everyone is just so much happier at this time of year now that the sun is out.

First things first starting at the basics, swimwear. I personally like to wear a bikini but if you not comfortable wearing a bikini or you would just prefer to wear something else then that is also fine. This is just what I like to wear and would recommend. It is a little pricey so if your on a budget I wouldn't splash out unless you know you are going to wear it nonstop. It is from Debenhams and I am not exactly sure on the price but it was a lot more  than I would usually spend. The reason I got it was because it was different, it is blue with electric blasts of various colours and the  back of the top is black string on a cool pattern thing. I apologize I am rubbish at explaining things.

Next this may not apply to all of you but a good sun cream. I burn every time that I step out of the door and go red as a tomato, therefore I need protection. Even if you don't burn very easily it is still good to put a bit on to stop wrinkles when your older. The one I am currently using is Garnier Amber Solair dry mist spf30. I simply spray on my fingers then put on my face before applying makeup. That way you won't get that shinny look because you can use powder on top.

This other thing is also sun related it is sunglasses. Personally I don't use them for sun purposes I just think they look really cool.  I have two pairs that I am loving both similar designs. The first is from TKmax they actually have so many bargains I would really recommend to you checking them out once in a while.  They were £13 and are a nude colour with rose gold bits. The second are from a vintage shop (I'm obsessed with vintage shops someone stop me) and cost £10 they are more of an nude with a black sort of ridge across the top.
Spring and summer are the seasons of shaving you might have your legs out therefore you will need to moisturize and keep them tanned well I found an amazing way or doing both of those. It is a self tanning moisturizer that I use once I have shaved and come out of the shower. But it's not like ne use and your as brown as a wardrobe. it builds consequently creating the effect of a natural tan. At the same time as keeping you legs silky smooth. It is also from Garnier Summer body moisturizing lotion.

Onto fashion   sort of essentials now. If your on the beach and going to   get an ice cream or grab a drink this is perfect to just chuck over and gives a little extra coverage but doesn't over heat you.  kimono! mine is from enjoy and was £10. I just love the blue and black patterns and the  way it flows in the wind.
The final one is foot wear.  I think everyone needs a pair of sandals or flip-flops to wear when its hoot and sunny. Mine are from Nwlook, they are  actually a little bit for me but they were in the sale so I had to get them and they go with so many things because  they are tan.

Thank you for reading I hope to see you soon. 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Out of reach.

For a little half term break holiday this year we went to Devon along with some other family’s that we are friends with and one special guy in particular. Before you go thinking this is one of those romantic movies where we were together all the time and watched the sun set together. It wasn’t. I have had crush on him since I was little and as our family’s are really close that meant that I got to see him a lot, right? Not really, I saw him on takeaway nights and we have been going on holiday with them once a year for the past couple of years and little camping trip here and there. But every time I see him I can’t speak, the words just do not come out. However when I do speak to him it always sounds like I am depressed. Yet I still try and probably end up making it worse for myself. I am currently single but he is not he is half taken by a girl in the year above me who is tall , skinny, funny and popular nothing that I can match up to. On the other hand their relationship is a strange one I see pictures of her lying with her head on him and in school they blank each other. Therefore I do not know whether it is serious or even a real relationship or if I still have a chance. Oh and I forgot to mention he is two years older than me which may not seem like a lot but when you are my age believe me it is a big deal.

I wish I could pluck up the courage to speak to him, have a laugh, show him what I am really like not the girl he thinks I am. But what then? What if he does find out what I am really like still then he might not like me.  If he does then we would never be able to go out it just wouldn’t work.  He has different friends to me, popular ones who go to parties all the time. It would be weird both our family’s constantly talking about us. I would be forever scared that I wasn’t good enough or that he would just dump me for someone his own age who is prettier. If we did go out then broke up it would be so awkward and weird going on holiday together.

I may look back on this when I am old and  frail and think I have wasted so much time thinking ‘what if’  I should not have lead my life doing that and always looking for the negatives.   YOLO, you only live once. So what if he doesn’t like me I could still pluck up the courage to talk to him at least then we could be friends. It is better than not talking at all because I am simply too afraid.

I do not know the actual reason I am telling you this but maybe you might relate to this in some way. I am not writing this so he will see it and suddenly realize then fall in love with me. Because he doesn’t know I have a blog, he doesn’t know an awful lot about me to be fair. I am just writing to see if I am not the only one. Also if you too feel this way then to show that you are not alone. I don’t even know if I am going to post this as it is not one of my usual things to write about but I just thought it would also help me to put into words how I felt then maybe I could make sense of the situation. That would be my advice to you. If you are ever stuck in a curtain situation then take a minute to think or write out everything that way it is clearer and you can make a decision from there.  

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

A haul lot of shopping

I thought I would start off spring in style with a new collection of clothes and makeup. So if like me you are nosey and want to see what I bought, keep reading.

First, I will start with makeup because why not.  I have been searching for a cute shade like this for a while and I found it. It is a nail varnish by BarryM in the shade ‘Rose hip’. It is a pretty baby pink pastel colour perfect for spring and also makes you look really tanned which is always a bonus.

The next thing I bought was a Sleek blush. Can I just say how much I love the sleek blushes and want more in my collection but I do apologize if you cannot get them in your country because I don’t think you can get them in many places. I got a gorgeous shade called ‘Rose Gold’ and I love rose gold anyway, so yeah a match made in heaven. It is pink with strong gold shimmer running through it as soon as I saw it I was drawn to it.

So I had already got two MUA lip liners and thought they were pretty decent a d decided to get another but in a nude shade because I wear a lot of nude lipsticks and don’t have a nude liner. This is because I am very lazy when it comes to lining my lips however I will give it a go. That was at a bargain price of £1.

In the way of lips I bought two things, the first of which is a colour sensational by Maybelline in the shade 912 ‘Electric Orange’. I love the packaging; it is a sort of florescent light effect, very snazzy.

The final makeup item is a Topshop  product, I don’t own any makeup from their I know what was I thinking. But I have now popped my Topshop cherry and am going to be getting more from there in the near future. But the lipstick I got for the time being is ‘Nevada’ and is a sweet peachy nude.

Onto clothes I got this little grey vest from Topshop as a little essential for the spring summer time so that I can layer or if it gets hot I won’t drown in sweat.

Yet another denim jacket, I already have four of various different shapes and styles but can you really have enough? Yes is the answer however, this is different to the others because it is Armani! Plus it was only £25 so that makes it ok I think.  

I haven’t got anything like this so a little voice said to me ‘you need that’ therefore, it wasn’t actually my fault for spending more money. The reason I needed it was because it is
1. Really nice shape and quite baggy
2. Only £6
3. The material is so cool in that the blacks stripes are cotton and the white ones are rubbery in a way.

The final fashion item I bought was one that I think people might have mixed opinions on but I love it and am  going to try and be brave and pull it off. It was from a Vintage shop  and recently I have been LOVING vintage shops so much. It was only a fiver and it is a absolutely massive burgundy shirt. I was thinking on different ways to style it but personally I really like it and hope I have the courage to wear it. (Sorry I do not have a picture to go with this as I am on holiday and couldn't find it to bring it with me, but there will be a picture up in due course).

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

exercise to the skys

It's important to stay fit and healthy in the run up to summer and to get those bikini bodies. (sorry about the really bad quality photos and video, when I upload them it always going fuzzy).

Exercise: one good place to start is by exercising regularly. you can do this by finding a sport you enjoy be that netball (like me), rowing, going for a jog  or just gong to a local gym near you. You do not have to dive strait in there, you can start off with doing little bits at a time and build up. This will get you fitter and make you feel happier because doing exercise releases endorphins and is an easy distraction from any other distractions.

If you are into something a little more fun then I like to do trampolining or even just having a massive jamming session to some music. Both of these are actually really good ways to keep fit. As you can see it's  pretty fun me and my mates doo have a laugh and I can do a couple of tricks now.

Stretches: There are a couple of stretches that can help tone your body and make you look however you would  like.

The first part of your body is your bum. Mine is very big so unfortunately I find myself doing these all the time to keep in shape.

1. Squats, they are pretty self explanatory. You simply squat as many times as you like.

2. raising lunges, you go into a lunge and raise up and down a couple of times then swap legs.

The next part of your body to work is your abs (very important for bikini season).

3. Leg raises, You lie on the floor and raise your legs from just off the ground to 90 degrease and back down again. Don't actually let them touch the ground.

4. Sit ups, such a classic but they work really well.

Now time for back stretches.

5. Happy cat, Angry cat, on all fours and pushing your back up and down just like a cat would.

These next ones are for more then just one area of your body they work a couple at the same time.

6. scorpion, this one needs a  little more explaining. You basically go on all fours and lift your leg as high as you can up and down so it kinda looks like a scorpions tail.

7. Bridge, Lie on your shoulders with your hips straight up n the air and lower and raise it. It tightens your upper leg muscles and bum muscles.

That was just a couple of stretches and exercises to try change them and use them however you would like to suit yourself and let me know if you want me to do any more. Thank you for reading hope to see you soon.