Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What i got for christmas 2014

Ok this post is not showing off! It is just to share with you what I got plus it is a little reminder to me too. It might also give you an idea of what to get someone a late Christmas present or a birthday present.

Ok so firstly I got socks! I know that that is the most cliché thing to get someone for Christmas especially from a grandparent. But these aren't just any old sock they are the softest I have ever felt, they are like your feet are in heaven. Also they are from joules.

The second thing I got was also very fluffy and that is pajamas. Now I love pajamas I could live in   them if I was allowed. And these are Christmas themed bottoms with a massive fluffy hoodie. Iv got to say as soon as I open it I ran up stares to put them on. They were from next.

This was my big present, a Gopro! I have wanted on for ages and so has my sister (so it was a bit awkward when I got one and she didn't).  When I opened it I squealed and jumped up and started dancing around!

To go along with that I got a helmet/head strap for the camera and another strap thing for it. Which was quite exciting cause that meant I could film the skiing I was doing that week.

Clothes wise I got a green fluffy jumper from Topshop. (sticking with the fluffy theme, they obviously know me very well).It is really comfy and not too long either.

The second thing I got from Topshop was a checked shirt and I really like it. My friend got it the other day and I saw it and loved it so im so glad I got it too.

Another thing I  got was earphones. Now am I the only one who gets this, my earphones always break  in just one ear. It's really weird and really annoying. So the  ones I was given were white with and orange zip. Also I have very small ears so normal earphones like the ones you get on the plane just don't fit.

Books wise I got the divergent series. This is a series I wanted because I loved loved loved the film and I started to read the  first boo a while back but never got to finish it.

Bath wise I got a butter bear bath bomb from lush (haven't used it yet), also from lush I was given yognog the best smelling soap in the world! I don't usually like soap but it is just divine.

Not from lush but still  along the same lines is a mango and papya shower gel and body spray. They smell sooooo good. I got lots of other body things like from  the body shop and places, but im not going to list them all so I will just pop them in the picture. (I think they may be trying to hint something). I did use and loose a couple of the things that I got so here is just most of it.

A really sweet thing that was quite emotional for me was a little golden locket that my grampy gave to me (grandfather but we always call him grampy). The reason being it is my Nan who died not long ago wanted to get me and my sister one each before she died but never did so grampy thought he would do it for her. And so I am going to get a picture to put in there and when ever I wear it I will think of her.

My favourite  things to write about makeup.  I got two things from mac, one was a lipstick in the shade patisserie. And the Keepsakes Natural face palette. I really like the packaging of the palette and the lipstick is a really nice nude. If you have read my post on my current fashion feelings then I talked about another really good nude from mac in that.

My sister wanted me to mention what she got me: a really cute vintage box, two lush Christmassy smelling candles called 'santa's cookies' and a little tray of vanilla bath bombs.

I also got a couple of other bits and bobs, however I shan't  mention them  all because it will be too long and boring. So I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you soon!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014


So another style I have been loving  at the moment (I use that phrase way too much)  is bohemian. Or that is just how I explain it. So basically I am a bohemian goth! Sounds crazy but actually looks alright and ism own unique style.

So one bohemian style piece of clothing is black. What a surprise! But it is from Topshop and it is black with white lace patterned bits going down the sides and across the bottom.  It was £35 not too expensive and because its from topsshop you know it’s good quality.

The second one is also a jumper/top but I would say this  was more for the summer time or just  with high waisted jeans. It is not black(shocker), but it is dark bue. So still pretty dark and  a lot like the one above it haswhit lace onbut it is a different typr and only hanging of the rim  at the bottom. This too is from Topshop but it was a while ago so not too sure on the price. 
I have more bohemian stuff but most of it is really summary so not the best for this time of year. For example  my kimono I got it from Enjoy and it was £10.  

Thanks for reading my post on bohemian fashion

Sunday, 28 December 2014

My current fashion feelings

Ok I so I thought I would just give a random update on my fashion favourites and beauty bests!

First up is black. sounds crazy as it is so simple but I have been wearing it non stop. I have my black high wasted  jeans that I practically live in, black leather  jacket, black vans and I was looking thrugh my wardrobe the other day and just saw black. But I love is as it is so flattering.

The next thing is quite controversial, the chocker. Some people  love them and others hate them, a bit like marmite really. Personally (with the right out fit) I really like them. They rae pretty different and retro. A style that I am loving at the moment.

This next one is something that used to be really popular and I am only just rediscovering. It is nude lips and the lipstick that got me into this is by mac and its called Luxe Naturale (mineralize) it was expensive £20 but I cant get enough of it! The reason it was so much is because it is their moisturizing lipstick not just the normal £15 lipstick. They also have a whole range of other nudes you could check out as the one that I have is a more chorally toned nude. I think nudes make your lips look bigger but not botox big.

The hair I have been doing a lot recently is a bit like Ariana Grande style. All I do is strained my hair and keep my fringe out put the front into a ponytail. It makes you hair appear longer but at the same time gives it more volume.

As I have been travaling a bit around the place I have been listening to lots of music  these are some that I don't get bored of:

Take me to chuch - Hozier
Real love - Tom Odell
Thinking out loud -  Ed Sheeran
Up town funk - Bruno Marz
We're in heaven

Someone who hasn't actually got her own song but cant stop listening to hr is Taylor Marie Look her up she has a stunning voice!

Finally I got some glsses the other day from TKmax I don't know why I love
them so much but I do they were £13 and even though its winter I really want to wear them!

So that is pretty much  all if I have forgotten anything I will do another post so look out for that! bye, see you soon:)

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas 2014

This year I am not at home! But I hope I will still have internet to upload. This year I am in  Spain, sounds like a weird place to spend Christmas right?  But we are actually Skiing and I can't  wait! And his means because we are going  on holiday it  costs a lot and therefore we won't get many presents but I'm fine with that cause I have all I want. Anyway enough bout my life, this post is about what I will be wearing and my makeup for this year.

As we are staying in a hotel we have to dress up quite posh for our meal but you can  change this how you want too what your Christmas is going to be like. So firstly I will be wearing  a onsie for the morning opening presents and cards and stuff.

I am  wearing a black dress which is quite different that is why I like it. It is a tight little dress but it has a long black flowing skirt sort of bit that doesn't go all the way around, so there is a gap at the front. I really like it  but am sad that its not a glittery umber for Christmas. However, I am currently going through quite a gothy stage, don't worry I am not gonna turn into some sort of vampire, I just am wearing black loaaaads recently. But I will talk about that in another post.

For my nails I am wearing one by Barrym I have  talked about it before in another  post: I just thought it was still dark so would go with the dress but it gave the look a bit more sparkle.

My makeup is dark with a berry or a classic red lips cause that what I think of when I think of Christmas, on the other hand if you don't want to get it in your food I would go for something a little less.

Go all out for Christmas and have fun! that is the most important thing I guess. Festive spirit and family!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Autum/winter makeup look

This look is a look that I would wear everyday but it is a bit more full on than others. It might niit be for  everyone but I personally like it and hope you do too. The same as any other look I write about it is yours to change and use how you like this is just how I do it.  It is less natural and more sleek so you could wear   it on a night out if you are that sort of person.

Concealer and foundation as usual and some finishing powder some people use it at and not at this stage hens the name "finishing" but I think it works well at this stage of the makeup.

Then for the eyes I did back winged eyeliner but it could also look good purple. Then  I did kind of a very slight smoky eye look. by smudging dark purple from the outer corner going up and in. And some white on  the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. You can mix and match with colours how ever you want it is just to match  the lipstick also purple goes well with blue eyes. And no  look is finished without mascara.

The eyebrows in  this look are darker than  I would normally do but the whole look is quite dark.

cheek wise I didn't use blusher but I did use then hoola bronzer for contouring the cheekbones.

Finally the lips I used a berry lip I actually can't remember which lipstick I used it was either Rimmel Kate Moss in 107 or Max factor both are very nice colours. If like me you don't have a berry lip liner then you can just take a black eyeliner and line your lips with that so when you put the colour on top it slightly smudges in and creates a lovely effect. You could add a gloss on top but I quite like it matt.

You could also do this with a traditional red lip that too would look lush. I have a couple  of redsone of which is also a Kate Moss and that is really good. Tanya burr has a limited addition lipgloos that is red and sparkly. Perfect for Christmas!

One reason why I love autumn and winter is that I wear  so much  more makeup. Because in summer it just slides off or feels so heavy.  Thanks for reading and  i'll see you in my next post!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Chrsitmas present ideas


Ok I know it's not quite Christmas yet but I am just very excited. I love presents I don't just love receiving them (which I know many people do), but I love giving them too and seeing the expression on peoples faces when they open them. but some people are harder to buy for than  others.


This might not apply to all mothers but I know mine would love it and I know many others that would. So you want something to say thank you for all you have done for me (don't  forget to write that in the card). In  my opinion something to relax them is great. Plus it means they are in a good mood. So a bath bomb or set of nice smelling bath or shower things. They  aren't  always that expensive so that's good. TK max always has some really good deals on things like that.

If you really know what she likes then  you could get her a handbag or shoes but that's only if you really know what type she likes and you have  the  budget for it.

Unless she has showed you a jumper or something that she really likes and you know what size she is I would avoid byiing her clothes. If you its too small she will feel fat and if it too  big you will offend her and  make her think you think she is massive and we don't want that.


I personally find this one the hardest. But most fathers like a  good beer but if you are under the age of 18you can't buy that for him. Little funny novelty things are always cute and give a good laugh when he opens them on the day. If  you are looking for stuff like that then sites like are really good.

If  you know what hobbys he is interested in thenn that's a good idea. For example my dad likes cycling so I could always get him something to with that.

I would avoid man bags because  not all men  like them or they can be  very particular about what bags they carry. I also wouldn't go for anything  too pink.

People you don't really know:

This might  be for people you feel obliged to buy for or if you just have no idea. Get the a voucher! they re so easy and simply then you can't really mess up and they can buy what they want. Obviously don't buy your dad  a Superdrug voucher they have to kind of be suited to what that person likes a little bit.

Want to do something personal:

This is for the people that no matter what you get them it won't do. You need something a little more personal. You could buy a photo album  and half fill it with pictures of the two of you together doing different things. Or another one is to write a very personal letter or more than one for  them to write bout at different times like when they are sad or bored or whenever. little personal things like tem people appreciate a lot more because it shows you spent time and thought on it.


something to bring the family closer together is a board game. or card games are good too. Its just good fun and worth however much you pend on it which is usually not much. You  can get them from anywhere and everywhere. You could stick to the traditional things like Monopoly or look for more new games. Or even quiz games can be  a good laugh.


Most girls  would like the typical things on Christmas like chocolate and a cute card. But some might want a little more than that like a well thought out one.  Maybe a cute planned out date to somewhere she loves. Jewelry may be a winner.

Do not buy her a voucher! that is the one  time you can not do that.  she will not appreciate tht it doesn't have to be anything big and expensive. Just something special.

Ok so thanks for reading my post I hope it helped you out in any way! My Christmas count down is currently happening so please check that out. I hope you have an amazing Christmas and you get as good presents as your giving.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Mascara review

Hello there!
Fancy staying a while and having a read?

So today I am writing about mascaras! In my opinion the most important makeup  piece of them all. If you haven't got mascara or are not happy with the one you've  got or just  would like to  know more then keep reading. If you really  couldn't care less about mascaras then why not check out one of my other posts. I don't just do beauty but I do kinda have  a lot f beauty things. Any way on with the post...

 So the first mascara I ever had was actually a rubbish one so went won't talk about that... The second one I had was from Maybelline it's a classic, it is the Falsies. So many people rave about this and I agree with them it is really good  and drug store therefore it won't break the bank. It really does open your eyes up and make them look bigger. You can get this from Boots or Super drug, currently £7.99.

The next one on my list  is also from Maybelline that is there Rocket volume in Water proof. This one is a savior. If your like me and have blonde eye lashes then you know what  I mean. I look like a leopard without its spots. I live in Cornwall and consequently i am always in the sea. Not good for panda eyes. But this mascara cling and clings and clings to your lashes. Pure magic. That too is  only £7.99   from boots.

(The picture will not load)

This one is my favourite one EVER! that might sound a bit crazy because it's only mascara but once you have trued this you will love it as much me. I'm just going to hurry up and say the name... They're real by Benefit. I love Benefit they are my favourite brand at the moment and this mascara is part of the reason  why. It defines separates and volumises lashes. The only problem is that it costs almost £20 but in my opinion it's worth  it.

This following one may seem like  a  bit of a let down compared to the last one but it's  ok because this is more affordable for people who are on a bit of a budget or just do not want to spend that much on a mascara. It is by 17 and it is the va va voom waterproof. It isn't all that  it claims to be because it is not 100% waterproof but it is sweat and drip proof I will give it that. I just really liked it because after a hard day at work or school you end up with mascara dripping down your  face or at least I do. And with this mascara it doesn't budge. I actually got it on offer for £4 but the original price was around the £7  mark.

Now this one was a let down but i the price said it all it was a cheapy and it showed. It was just a miss sporty mascara that didn't impress me at all nor did their  water proof one.

Also  can i just say that i recommend any of the Maybelline ones not just the falsies. I also thoroughly enjoyed  the mega plush and go colossal and so many more to many to list. Don't just go for the one that everyone talks about try out a couple and see which is the  best for you.

The final one i have written about before in  a post that i will link here:  it's just the Rimmel kate moss mascar i loved it for a long, long  time and you can get it in  4 different shades  I have it in jet black  I also think the brush is really cool.

Ok so this was quite long and I probably droned on  a bit but thank you so so much for reading it means a lot good bye and I hope to see you soon.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Benefit purchases

So the other day I had an  appointment at benefit to get my make up done. This always really excites me because I find it really relaxing when other people do my makeup plus it looks stunning, and I learn a lot more about the products they're using on me. I had a lovely lady called Jenna do my make up who actually was the same person who did it last time and she talked me through everything she was using. But in the end it was hard to choose what things to buy as I loved so many of the products.
The first thing I bought was actually one I had been looking at in their magazine and I couldn't decide which one. That is one of their Benefit house gift packs. There are three called 'sugarglam fairies', 'beauty bonbons' and 'complexion confections'. There  are also many other great gift sets for Christmas but theses stood out and just looked the best for me (it really does look so gorgeous).
 I  bought the first one which consists of:
They're real mascara,
Hoola bronzer,
the porefessionals
and a mini benetint.
All full size apart from the last one. This kit was 44.50 which sounds like a lot of money but considering some of the products on their own are around 20, its not bad. The others cost different amounts because they had different things inside.
The  other thing I bought was the big beautiful eyes kit. It has 3 shadows and a 'boi-ing' concealer in. The first colour is a baby pink silky, the second is a  slightly pink toned creamy brown and the last one is a dark more mate colour. They also say base shadow, contour shadow and liner shadow above them. It comes with two  brushes one for the concealer and the other has two ends a flat end and a normal one. I really like the packaging of this its really cute and a little manual to show different ways of how to use the product. It was 25.50, expensive I know but lets just think how pretty it will look on. There we go all sorted, price forgotten.
Additionally they had an offer on that if you bought two or more products you would get a free mini they're real push up liner. So that's an upside to spending lots of money.  in total it did cost 70.00 but luckily a I had a 35.00 gift  voucher from my birthday so that halved the cost and I only had to pay 35.00. S that is what I got from benefit and I am sure I will be doing a look with these soon enough. I'm not saying you should go out and spend this much money if your not into makeup this much but this is just what I would recommend. Once again thankyou for reading!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Zoella beauty purchase and review

Ok so I know I am a little  biased when it comes to the Zoella range as I love Zoella But this is an honest opinion of all the products that I have purchased and  I purchased them because they are my favourite things in the her collection.

The first one I bought is the Fizz Bar. It is Zoe's favourite and one of the most  popular ones. It is £5 and you get so many uses out  of it because it is in little cubes and you can use one or multiple chunks at a time.  The smell is really refreshing and slightly sweet. Every thing in the range has the same scent.

The second thing I got is not a surprise if you know me at all. It is the Let's Glow  candle. With the same pretty smell as the others. It isn't too strong or over whelming it is just right. So if your not a big fan of scented candles (I have know idea how)  then  you will like this. It comes in a cute little tin and only costs £5.

The third and final thing I bought was the makeup bag. There was two different ones to choose from, one pink with dots and a Guiney pig on just like Pippin and Percy (her own Guiney pigs)  the other one is blue with dots and the black picture of her eyes from her blog picture. I got  the blue one purely because I love that colour and I want her eyes so badly.  One the other hand I do really like the other one and think its very cute. It is really big and perfect  for traveling. At only £8 it is totally worth it.

You can get these at  Superdrug in store or online  or on They ship worldwide so if you don't have a superdrug near  you then I would check out  feel unique.  Thankyou for reading have a nice day!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Halloween 2014

This Halloween I went as a sort of freaky zombie doll thingy? I'm not to sure but it looked cool and I thought I would show you what I did and how I did it.

I started  off just putting on  my foundation and concealer  as I would usually do with any  makeup look. It just gives a good base to work on. Then for the cheeks zombies don't have coloured cheeks so you don't need any blusher. However, I did put  highlighter on the tops of my cheek bones and you can either use bronzer or I used eyeliner and smudged it out. Dark eyebrows give a good effect.

Then the eyes my favourite part of the look because you can really change them to how you like and even make it an  everyday look. Firstly I got white sparkly shadow and put it on my brow bone and on the inner corner of my eye. then I  put black on my lid and blended it out and just kept applying more until you think you have enough. starting on the outer corner and working your way in. I also added some purple in the crease. then finished off  with some winged liner for  sleekness and LOADS of mascara!

Then to bring the whole look together I put on some deep red lipstick or you could use berry toned that would also look nice. I  then used a black eye liner pencil (I know sounds weird but just bear with) I lined my lips with it just like a normal lip liner. Then you can either leave it like that or blend it in with the lipstick.

This bit is optional but if you would like to make it more freaky and more halloweeny then I added a lightning strike cut coming out of my eye. And how I did it was simple. I used a lip dark lip laqure  then used  black  eye  shadow in the middle of it too make it darker and more realistic. You could also  try this effect anywhere on your face that you would like a cut.

Products I used:
Rimmel kate Moss lipstick 107
Claire's makeup set assortment maquillage
miss sporty brown brow pencil
Rimmel Wake me up foundation
YSL  Radient touch
Realtechniques brushes
Maybeliene Go  extreme mascara
Collection Black liquid eyeliner

This is what te finished look looks like. I was going to post this  a while ago but when I first typed it all  out my laptop crashed and I lost it all  so sorry about that. Let me know if you like it! Thanks for reading and I will see you soon  :)

Friday, 31 October 2014


So recently I went to Munich in Germany. My dad took me there so I could practice my German and it was amazing! 

The first thing was the English gardens. If you have ever heard of Central Park and New York, well it is 1/3rd bigger than that. Huge and beautiful!

This is a beer garden in the English gardens. I thought it was a really good photo until I saw the man photo bombing in the corner. 

This is up a tower 291 steps high I think. We had perfect timing as the sun was just setting and we could see the whole city!

They also have some gorgeous churches. But I loved everything about it and just wanted to share some photos. And also apologise for not posting in a while. Good bye! :)

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Autumn/ winter Coats

An essential to the Autumn winter time is coats. Of course you need coats all year round but this time of year you can  style  them  out. It is getting colder and you will have to wear coats every single day you need to have one you like an is super stylish.

I am really loving big thick coats at the moment so here is the first type I would recommend. I love that it has fur on it and the  musky brown  and bright white contrast really well.  It is a bit pricey the one from Topshop but if you are willing to spend the money I am sure it is totally worth it. The second ne on here is cheaper only £89 but I love it just as much  as the first if not more! I like that it has a bit more shape to it and the fluff on the coughs are so cute. I would prefer it if it was brown but black goes with anything  so that's always good. You can  get this from House of  Fraiser, but it is actually miss Selfridge.

If you don't like the fur sort of look, then there are other really pretty coats you can get. Such as pastel coloured coats. They aren't just for sring and summer  time, you can make pastels work all year round. They particularly look nice on pale people which is handy because you loose your tan at this time of year. It is sad when you lose your tan but now there  is at least one up side to it. The two that I have found are both not too expensive the first one is from next and cost £70 and the second one is from River Island and costs £90 so both pretty good deal.

A great jacket like that is bold and doesn't need other big bits of clothing but it does help to accessories. I would wear a really cute shoe/ boot. Here are some that I found and would recommend. The first one is a high heel from Topshop £150 a little expensive but I think they are gorgeous. Secondly, these are another option if you don't like heels that much or if you are on a budget. They are only £38 from River Island and the darker colour is £60.

I will be  doing a look book soon and will be using a big coat  in that but it isn't one on here and I will say where I got it from and how much it costs. It will show what I like to wear  with them also. You might be able to tell there is a bit of a theme going on in the  places to get them from. They aren't the only place you can get the products from just some of my favourite shops and ones I have read about in magazines. Hope I helped!