Sunday, 29 May 2016



Hiya lovely, today's post is about whats new in fashion and is dedicated to the colour yellow.

Weird i know but yellow is really making a come back, and  it's everywhere.

It is super retro and adds a fun pop of colour to any outfit, perfect for transitioning from  spring to summer time. 

Yello has connotations of sun and summer and really can just brighten up your life. 

Thank you for reading my post today, and cheers to my good friend Shannon for being my model for this little photoshoot. I hope you have a fab day and I will see you soon. 

Sunday, 8 May 2016



Hey gorgeous, there is a new fashion CRAZE and if you have not heard of it then where have you been?

Mom jeans are so in right now but can be heard to work with, here are a couple of ideas to give you a helping hand!

Here is one cute yet grungey option, A kind of effortless just rolled out of bed look.

One thing i love about mom jeans is that they are so versatile and can go with so many different looks, from casual to smart to vintage and everywhere in between.

They also work for  so many different body shapes and sizes and aren't too tight/fitted either so you can get away with them even after you have had one too many Reece's buttercups.

Plus, you can also find them really cheaply in pretty  much a thrift store but they still look as if they are strait  outta Urban Outfitters.

To accessorise them and make them your own try adding a chunky belt or some sort of boots.

THANK YOU so much for reading, have a fab week and i will see you soon.